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* Spelling fixes in comments, documentation, tests and examplesDenys Vlasenko2017-04-171-1/+1
* modinfo: fix "-F firmware", add "intree" field displayDenys Vlasenko2015-10-281-52/+62
* libbb: introduce and use is_prefixed_with()Denys Vlasenko2015-03-121-5/+7
* modinfo: fix fallout from basename removalDenys Vlasenko2015-02-211-1/+1
* modinfo: fix module parsing with kernel >= 2.6.37David Marchand2014-07-041-3/+4
* modinfo: match more standard module fields and fix version fieldTanguy Pruvot2012-06-121-9/+16
* modinfo: make it select PLATFORM_LINUX. Closes 4411Denys Vlasenko2011-10-301-0/+1
* *: remove "Options:" string from help textsDenys Vlasenko2011-06-051-2/+1
* modinfo: trivial optimizationsDenys Vlasenko2011-02-151-4/+6
* modinfo: show firmware and depends fieldsLauri Kasanen2011-02-151-3/+5
* mass removal of underscores from _BB_DIR_foo and _BB_SUID_fooDenys Vlasenko2011-01-181-1/+1
* *: make GNU licensing statement forms more regularDenys Vlasenko2010-08-161-1/+1
* modinfo: support relative paths in modules.depLauri Kasanen2010-06-261-11/+24
* modinfo: needs modutils.oDenys Vlasenko2010-06-091-1/+1
* modinfo: new appletPascal Bellard2010-06-061-0/+150