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* qemu_multiarch_testing: small improvementsDenys Vlasenko2017-01-022-1/+19
* qemu_multiarch_testing/README: add a list of qemu's neededDenys Vlasenko2015-10-201-0/+5
* qemu testing: support huge files (and broken od)Denys Vlasenko2015-10-051-1/+1
* uudecode: tolerate text input with CR+LF line endsDenys Vlasenko2015-10-051-12/+7
* qemu testing: Do build brctl and ifplugd; force mips32 dialectDenys Vlasenko2015-10-051-3/+8
* qemu testing: fix hexdumping of binaryDenys Vlasenko2015-10-051-1/+1
* Add qemu_multiarch_testing/Denys Vlasenko2015-10-056-0/+193