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* add SED, add more AWK implementationsHEADmasterAssaf Gordon2016-06-073-1/+17
* add ulimitsAssaf Gordon2016-06-071-1/+15
* web/cgi: implement runner codeAssaf Gordon2016-04-142-61/+226
* add timeout,nice optionsAssaf Gordon2016-04-141-3/+31
* add website (html+cgi) and busybox-httpd runnerAssaf Gordon2016-04-124-0/+88
* port-a-script: rename 'bbawk' to 'busybox-awk'Assaf Gordon2016-04-122-1/+3
* dirtree-report: add 'files in X' prefix to output MDAssaf Gordon2016-04-121-0/+2
* new script: - main toolAssaf Gordon2016-04-111-0/+203
* new script: (create markdown from directory listing)Assaf Gordon2016-04-111-0/+39
* first commit ( Gordon2016-04-111-0/+2