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* updated REAMDE (renamed to Gordon2016-06-192-2/+54
* add various shell implementations: zsh,mksh,tcsh (from Debian packages)Assaf Gordon2016-06-194-1/+30
* add OpenBSD 5-9 implementationAssaf Gordon2016-06-1930-1/+11551
* .gitignore FREEBSD fixupAssaf Gordon2016-06-191-12/+2
* add NetBSD 7 implementation of awk,sedAssaf Gordon2016-06-1931-1/+12193
* add FreeBSD-10 implementation of awk,sedAssaf Gordon2016-06-1929-1/+10777
* add Heirloom implementation of sh,awk,sedAssaf Gordon2016-06-19187-0/+45704
* add Busybox implementation of ash, awk, sedAssaf Gordon2016-06-194-1/+69
* add .gitignore fileAssaf Gordon2016-06-191-0/+18
* add GNU implementations of bash,sed,awkAssaf Gordon2016-06-193-0/+77
* initial commit: READMEAssaf Gordon2016-06-191-0/+2